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Nur Athirah Nabilah Omar

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Pulau Tioman: last day

This is our last day. Mmg rasa mcm xnk balik. Tapi...nak buat mcm mane, xblh lame lame kat sini, t ups t'gadai. Haha. Wlupun dah 2kali g sini tp tetap rase tak bosan. B'baloi ade r. Sayang keluarga saya...

ombak yg sgt kuat

Monday, January 23, 2012

Pulau Tioman: 2nd day

The next day, we woke up at 6 a.m. Than have our breakfast at 7++ a.m. Haha. Awal gile. Sampai an tak de group len pn join ktorg. But it was fun. Dapat amik bnyk bnyk tnpa segan silu. Ngee~

Nasi Lemak yg Sedap!!!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Pulau Tioman: 1st day

This is my 2nd trip to Tioman, but my 1st trip to Tioman with my only brother *wink. Hehe. Nice one. Well I built a timeline through the picture & I know the picture is not so nice sebab hp punya kamera je, mmg patut pun kannnnn........ Haha. Belum ada donation lagi untuk beli DSLR or Nikon GX1 or Conan D600. Ngee~

Otw to Mersing

Friday, January 20, 2012


Ok. Ape niyh? Ok xthu nk type ape. Just promoting. Weeeeeeeeell. Sy g cni td. Then jgn tny ap ap pd sy sbb sy xfokus. Hm.. Just teman kan seorg kwn. *wink. Hehe. Ap yg sy igt lah kan....
"Jika seorg wali mengahwinkan anakny dgn seorg lelaki fasik, maka dia ibarat memutuskan ikatan sillaturrahim dgn anaknya"
Takut seyh. Hoping that I'm not married to someone yg hanya b'pura-pura ISLAM. Huhu...
'Peliharalah aku ya Allah & hambaMu yg lain-lain'
Then, every boys or girls, they should find their half with this 4criteria:
  1. Agama
  2. Keturunan
  3. Harta
  4. Rupa Paras
So, as you can see... Be sure to choose wisely because this is about taking care of someone till death. *wink

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Night b4 DaWN..

gambar tak berapa jelas
Haha. Wondering x knp sy letak gmb niyh? Dah lah xjelas. Lg nak letak. Well, it is the best picture I can snap. Nmpk an kain baju t'gantung tu? How sweet kan? Mcm dah pakat nak sidai ramai ramai. Haha. Xperlu pakat pon mmg dah 1 kepala. Sbbnya.....

Esok nk balik.. Haha. CNY holiday utk Matrik'ians. For a WEEK only. N it is considering as STUDY WEEK. Naik cuti terus exam lah kan. Mmg x lah kan.. Hehe. But its worth it the way we got the holiday. For sure lah dpt relak ckit. Hope fully not to relax.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Repeating . . . .

Salam 'alaik,
Well well well, let see....
Okok. No idea. -_-". Nak ckp sal pe eyh? Ha! Ckp psl MUET or Malaysia University English Test.
Ok. Pasal apa? O.o.. Ha! Its about repeating it. Duh~ Not so good I think, but its ok. Haha. Mom said its ok for repeating, at least you had tried at 1st. Nah~ Not at all, I think. Hehe. Play hard huh? Pdn muke. :p Haha. Okok. Back to reality. I have to repeat? That's awful. Coz I have to pay RM100 for buying new pin no. That's awful, right? Ok, I forgot, it should plus RM1 because the BSN punya syarat. #riba' boleh?? Haha. Then I thought its only me who repeating. After having the depression time, I found out most of my friend want to repeat. Wow! That's AWESOME!!! Haha. Ok. Stop speaking. =_=" [MUET disease dah mai dah...]

Saturday, January 14, 2012


Salam 'alaik,
Hey there! Nk tny lah kan! Pernah x korg t'rase nak cite ssuatu tp xblh nk cite or t'lupa tbe tbe? Well maybe ada yg kate pernah, ada yg kate xprnh. But me, myself, I always feel like that. Somehow, I think that someone could read my mind, cause I can't. Huhu. Sedey kan? Haha. Okok. Stop merepeking. Hehe, Then what you think I can do? What I know....
 Ha! Kan? Huhu. Dangerous taw. So, Cm ne niyh?? Blh tlg sy fhm apa yg otak sy nk smpikan x? Hehe. I should learn more.
Btw, I have close my heart for a moment & I hope it is okay. Well, Allah is always there with me...

#P/s: kerinduan kadang2 tidak dapat diungkapkan dengan kata2.....tetapi dapat di luahkan melalui PELUKAN.....jadi peluklah MAK anda....AYAH anda.....ISTERI anda....SUAMI anda....ANAK2 anda......BOYREN dan GIRLFREN ANDA haram awak peluk...

Doaku Untukmu Sayang with lyrics

so sweeeeeeeet kan? I miss the way life make me feel everyday. Its help me to build up my life very well. 1st time dgr mmg xde perasaan. Haha. Nak wat cm ne. I am like this okay!! But sure like this song. My Husband, please give me this kind of song & treat me well ^^. overdo dah ni, maaf.

A L0ve st0rY?

PLEASE learn something from here & TRY to understand.
One more thing, learn the way to not JUDGING people you've not known

Friday, January 13, 2012

approval ^^

Salam 'alaik,

Hehe..Hey there. Writing again. Just to share. Yeay! Hehe. Well. Should I speak? Hmmm...? Should I? Should I? Hehe. Idk I think. Hehe. Okok. I think lets mix up. Putting it in & kluarkan. So, mix its up. Wallah! Hehe.. Ok. So? Nk start kat ne eyh? Ha!! I think I have quite a story. Yelah kan. Having a tough time tiap hari. Huh! Pelajar matrikulasi lah katakan. Ceh! Nyampah :P

Hehe. Okok. I'll stop. How annoying kan? First thing first my questionnaire for English project is
Haha, t'rase excited t'lebih. I'm at excited state. Well, somehow it hard to get that king of approval to my english lecturer. Alhamdulillah group ku, well done ye! #credit to Solehin, Sabiq, Tengku & Amirah.

Hehe..there's another one lah. Please keep reading. Its about I've been entering the Pertandingan Melukis Banner bersempena Maulidur Rasul. Woah!! Sy xpnh pnh masuk. But then Its ok, I like doing writting style. Yeay! Haha, there's lot of memory. But I think xboleh cite lorh kat korg. Sbb sy pelupa. Huhu. Dah lame xmenghafal kot. Its ok, just imagine that you got to work together as a team & everyone is cooperating at their work. Nice, kan?

That's all. See Ya.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

I cried?

tears start falling each time I remember bout it

Crying all day is tiring me. But some how it just happen without even I prepared to face it. Well, life has to go on no matter how hard the trial we have to face. Eventhough it stressing me down & make me think bout giving up but...
stressing in myself

Its okay I think. Having low PNGK for PSPM & low Band in MUET make me realize that I should learn more & not just 'LEPAK'... Hahaha. :P sleeping, my favourite. But then, I think I should calm myself rather than crying all night. For sure lah I don't get nothing ^^.

calming myself

I should start doing & arrange things back to NORMAL!!

Saturday, January 07, 2012

One Direction - What Makes You Beautiful (Lyric Video)

Thank you for giving me this song *credit to Khairyzal. N thank you for making me realize that I should appreciate what I have.
"Personality & the soul is what makes a person beautiful, it does not always to be the physical appearance."