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Friday, January 13, 2012

approval ^^

Salam 'alaik,

Hehe..Hey there. Writing again. Just to share. Yeay! Hehe. Well. Should I speak? Hmmm...? Should I? Should I? Hehe. Idk I think. Hehe. Okok. I think lets mix up. Putting it in & kluarkan. So, mix its up. Wallah! Hehe.. Ok. So? Nk start kat ne eyh? Ha!! I think I have quite a story. Yelah kan. Having a tough time tiap hari. Huh! Pelajar matrikulasi lah katakan. Ceh! Nyampah :P

Hehe. Okok. I'll stop. How annoying kan? First thing first my questionnaire for English project is
Haha, t'rase excited t'lebih. I'm at excited state. Well, somehow it hard to get that king of approval to my english lecturer. Alhamdulillah group ku, well done ye! #credit to Solehin, Sabiq, Tengku & Amirah.

Hehe..there's another one lah. Please keep reading. Its about I've been entering the Pertandingan Melukis Banner bersempena Maulidur Rasul. Woah!! Sy xpnh pnh masuk. But then Its ok, I like doing writting style. Yeay! Haha, there's lot of memory. But I think xboleh cite lorh kat korg. Sbb sy pelupa. Huhu. Dah lame xmenghafal kot. Its ok, just imagine that you got to work together as a team & everyone is cooperating at their work. Nice, kan?

That's all. See Ya.

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