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Nur Athirah Nabilah Omar

Friday, January 20, 2012


Ok. Ape niyh? Ok xthu nk type ape. Just promoting. Weeeeeeeeell. Sy g cni td. Then jgn tny ap ap pd sy sbb sy xfokus. Hm.. Just teman kan seorg kwn. *wink. Hehe. Ap yg sy igt lah kan....
"Jika seorg wali mengahwinkan anakny dgn seorg lelaki fasik, maka dia ibarat memutuskan ikatan sillaturrahim dgn anaknya"
Takut seyh. Hoping that I'm not married to someone yg hanya b'pura-pura ISLAM. Huhu...
'Peliharalah aku ya Allah & hambaMu yg lain-lain'
Then, every boys or girls, they should find their half with this 4criteria:
  1. Agama
  2. Keturunan
  3. Harta
  4. Rupa Paras
So, as you can see... Be sure to choose wisely because this is about taking care of someone till death. *wink

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