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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Repeating . . . .

Salam 'alaik,
Well well well, let see....
Okok. No idea. -_-". Nak ckp sal pe eyh? Ha! Ckp psl MUET or Malaysia University English Test.
Ok. Pasal apa? O.o.. Ha! Its about repeating it. Duh~ Not so good I think, but its ok. Haha. Mom said its ok for repeating, at least you had tried at 1st. Nah~ Not at all, I think. Hehe. Play hard huh? Pdn muke. :p Haha. Okok. Back to reality. I have to repeat? That's awful. Coz I have to pay RM100 for buying new pin no. That's awful, right? Ok, I forgot, it should plus RM1 because the BSN punya syarat. #riba' boleh?? Haha. Then I thought its only me who repeating. After having the depression time, I found out most of my friend want to repeat. Wow! That's AWESOME!!! Haha. Ok. Stop speaking. =_=" [MUET disease dah mai dah...]

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