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Saturday, February 04, 2012

Mantapkan Sahsiah

Hari ni ada program pemantapan sahsiah. Hari yg k'brapa, jgn d'tny. Hehe. Sebab sy xikut full pun. But then, lepas dah ikut tu rasa best lah jugak. I have my own new groups & got two fasi who in charge & got to know new friends. I start taking picture at 5 pm. Because of thinking that I might update my blog. Hehe.

menanti ketua
This is the time where me & my both friend [rehan, aini] wait for our leader, zul. Ktorg main game tutup mata, jadi buta jap. Zul as our guider. Mmglah sgt bestkan. Tapi... there's a lot of thing happen during the game. Wuuaaaaa... Tak nak cerita. Malu pun ada. Huu.

Saya duduk d'antara dua gambar. I mean between zara & mai. Hehe. Suka gambar ni. Side-by-side.

Gambar tak cantik :'(
 Well this is my group. Nampak happening x? Hahahaha. Sangat. But after all. Saya tak rasa rugi pun join group ni. Maybe at first I think like that but then Allah show that it is not.

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