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Nur Athirah Nabilah Omar

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Westlife Fever by Nur Hamizah

Mark Feehily, Shane Fillan, Kian Egan, Nicky Byrne, Brian McFadden...

All fantastic lads, who 'Change the World' as 'World of Our Own'. It became such a 'Beautiful World' when they said you are their 'My Girl'. Although sometimes you can also become their 'Bad Girl' but as an 'Uptown Girl' our band are 'Unbreakable'. 'I'm already there' is their favourite phrase when you ask them when they will come 'Home'. When you going through 'Total Eclipse of the Heart', Westlife will be your 'Lighthouse'. Sometimes, they will ask, 'What Makes a Man', the answer is completely simple, just say to them, it is 'More Than Words' for 'I Lay My Love on You'. 'What About Now?' as their might ask. It all about 'Us Against the World'. Don't worry if we are 'Fool Again', but remember, every 'Moment' that you are the 'Queen of My Heart'. 'My Love' Westlife, you guys have made your fans 'Flying Without Wings' because 'Every Little Things You Do' have gave us such a great memories. 'I'll be Loving You Forever' 'Like a Rose'. 'No Matter What', as their 'Imaginary Diva', 'You Will See Friendship, but I See Lover'. 'Now and Forever' Westlife will be 'Pictures in My Head' and 'The Easy Way' to 'Catch My Breath' when there around, just say 'Hey Whatever' to those jealousy. 'Have You Ever' imagine Mark Feehily confess to you that 'Its You' 'Until The End of Time', and if 'I Let You Go' Mark, 'I Do' anything to 'Fly Me to the Moon' and 'Miss You Nights'. So, just 'Close Your Eyes' and it will be you forever.

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This above story is written by Nur Hamizah Bt. Hamid who is a BIG FANS of WESLIFE. And I am her room-mate who really like one of the song that Westlife sing which is the 'Beautiful World'.

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