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Friday, July 13, 2012

My First Dessert

Honey-star Milk With Ice Cream & Green Tea Ice

Nyum..Nyum..Nyum.. Deliciouso
Well. This is my first homemade dessert yang semua 'kot' boleh buat. I think so. Tapi kalau yang tak reti tu, tak pe lar. Jangan cuba. Kang kalau tak jadi kang korang nyesal lak an. Hahaha. Actualy dessert. Tapi aku t'buat makan pagi lak. Hahaha. As my breakfast. Maklum lar Honey Star kan....

Just add an Ice cream. Nyum~ The buttescotch one. Ummmh! Yummy! So after making this. I put it in a freezer for about 2hours. So this will call as my lunch. Hahaha. Weird right? Then I make an Ice Green Tea. Lipton tea. Wow!! Awesome right. Hee. All in a nice lunch set. Even it just for the dessert. I think its alright to serve when you're tired.

p/s: TRY it for yourself. ♥~

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