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Saturday, February 02, 2013

معرض الكتاب

44th International Book Fair ( in Arabic book fair is معرض الكتاب ) in Cairo right now  till 5th February. So.. Today. I go there with my Ex-Neighbours a.k.a. (as known as) Classmates.. Fun & awesome day I guest. We went to some sort of booth full of English Novel. Oomai-2!! Sound awesome right? *awesome lar utk org yg suka buku mcm aku ni*

Well, there are some books that I would love to read if I got money & permission to buy.. =D

Tepat kena arah muka aku. Cuma bezanya. I like him, someone like me. But that is the old story. Maybe I will find someone who like me like I do to him.. XD
A book about friendship. How a girl met another friend, but she already had a friend. A decision to make...
Don't judge a GIRL by her COVER. So, please don't judge me.

 Both book from the same author kan.. Genre dia Crime Fiction. One of my favorite genre.. So, I thought of buyying it but end up let it go. Sedih.. *You don't always get what you want*

Lastly, a book speacial for my SNOW, wish to know more about CAT actually

Saya suka sangat buku. Bila dalam bookstore or book fair mane-2 an, saya tak kesah un nak duduk buang masa lame-2 dalam tu *I mean takde la literally duduk an..* Serius ni, bila sedih, buku lar pengubat lara *aiceh*

Ala.. Lagi pun an dalam Islam sendiri menyarankan memBACA ni. And I heard "Bangsa memBACA bangsa berjaya" kan? *bajet je aku nih.. puih-3!!*

A little bit of me. XD
Note: G je book fair ni, tapi tak beli pun. sedih. mengharapkan ade org bagi hadiah buku je lar... Sob.Sob

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